Golden Axe OST: (SST Band – Opening (Original Intro) ~ Wilderness (Golden Axe)

One of the greatest OST in the Genesis/Megadrive, played flawlessly by the SST Band  Live at Game Music Festival 1991.

The S.S.T.Band (エスエスティーバンド?), short for Sega Sound Team (1988-1989) and Super Sonic Team (1989-1993), was Sega’s official in-house band from 1988 to 1993, specializing in rock versions of soundtracks of Sega’s arcade games, for collection albums and playing in festivals. Consisting of six members, the band consisted of members that includes, keyboardist Kimitaka Matsumae and Hiroshi Kawaguchi, guitarists Koichi Namiki and Jouji Iijima, bassist Shingo Komori, drummer Takehiko Tanabe. Miyauchi and Komori would leave the band in 1990 and be replaced by keyboardist Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, bassist Masato Saito. Tanabe would leave the band in 1991 and be replaced by drummer Hisanori Kumamaru.

Usually, some of these albums that were released would consists of two especially recorded versions of the game soundtrack and the rest would consist of the game’s original soundtrack. After the band members went their own ways, they would find themselves involved in other Sega projects. Mitsuyoshi would be responsible for the soundtrack to Virtua Fighter, Daytona USA and the two installments of Shenmue and Matsumae would be involved in Sega Rally and Virtua Fighter 3.

read more about the SST band here.


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