The Cover Project: Recovering Sega Genesis cases.

Surfing the web I found The Cover Project, a website that is dedicated to store and share video games covers, Covers for games in almost all systems can be found there.

I know that for collectors is harder and harder everyday to find complete Sega Genesis Games, with Manual and Case or maybe the one you got is damaged, so I will post here the links you need to “reprint” and put together your Genesis Collection.

You have two options to get your Genesis cases, you can buy those cheap games that you can find for $2 maybe (Mainly sports games and for those you don’t give two shits) and use that case or go to amazon and look for Sega Genesis Cartridge Case (replicas), looking at the reviews for the case replicas in amazon, people say is not quite the same, but well, they do the work.

Here is a quick guide of what you need to return the glory to your loose Genesis cartridges:

  • You need to download the covers from The Cover Project note: if you need to tweak the images or you want to make some changes I recommend using GIMP (Open Source Image Editor.)
  • Get the Sega Genesis Cartridge Case (3 Pack) from amazon ( or buy cheap games for the cases only)
  • Print your covers in letter or legal size (for EA games) or go to one of those small format digital printing services to get a better quality cover (for games you really like) other ones you can just print in normal bond paper, you cannot really tell the difference, Dimensions for the prints may vary so I recommend you do some tests in black and white for you to find the best, usually is around 10.5 x 6.6 inches
  • Cut and store in your shelves
  • Cry from happiness.

pro-tip: If the cover you are looking for is not on the Cover Project site then look for the highest resolution image you can find, below is a good example of what to look for 3366 x 2100 pixels image.


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