Megadrive or Genesis?


August 14 is the 25th anniversary since the Sega Genesis launched in North America, so I thought on writing something about my favorite console ever.

Here in Costa Rica, we are pretty much tied to whatever happens in the US, we get to see in our public television only the shows that are a success on the US, we get to see their movies and so on, the same happened with Sega Genesis (that’s what we called it here, in this small country) all the systems and games sold here were labeled Genesis, as they were imported from the US, back then I did not even know the name Mega Drive, and when I first read about it was confusing! Mega what? but later on I understood that we got the cooler name? and they got for some reason that other name awesome name?


But what actually happened? apparently when the Sega Mega Drive (world wide name) was launched, the folks at SEGA were unable to get the trademark in the US or NA area, as another company held at the time the rights to the name Mega Drive name so they had to go with a different name: SEGA GENESIS.

It was Mega Drive Systems Inc, a computer hardware company. They made high-end storage devices. They were unknown in 1989 but a little better-known around 1994-96 (still far from a household name). They either changed their name, or merged, or got bought out by a company called Data Direct Networks around 1998. As far as I can tell, they did not use the name “Mega Drive” on any of their products from then on, but they did retain the domain for a long time. That company does not seem to exist anymore.

Is weird that SEGA didn’t buy the rights to the name from a company who nobody gave two shits about, I’m sure the price would be nothing to SEGA back then.

so there it is, a bit of history that you may not knew…


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