[Downing] wrote in to share a portable system he just wrapped up, called the GeneBoy. He broke down a Sega Genesis console to the bare necessities, then attached a 3.5” backup camera screen to serve as the display. A 3rd party Genesis controller donated its buttons to the GeneBoy, while his D-Pad was salvaged from an original Playstation controller.

GeneBoy Reloaded.

The case was built from vacuum formed plastic, which made it easy to get just the size and shape he needed to hold everything together perfectly. Even though he says that the outside of the case got a bit roughed up during final assembly, we think it looks great. I would certainly enjoy having all the fun of [Sonic the Hedgehog] or Road Rash in the palm of my hand any day!

If you are a die hard SEGA collector and you want to buy one of these bad boys you can contact @Downing1082 and for $225 (shipping included) you can get one, I’d go with the Sega Nomad instead but you never know.

GeneBoy specs:

Size: 1-7/8″ Thick x 4-3/4″ Wide x 6-1/2″ High
Weight: About 1.5lbs
Battery: 7.4V @ 4Amps
Screen: 3.5″ TFT Back-up Screen
Sound/Amp: 1 20mm Speaker & Mini iPod Amp
Power Switch: SPDT On/Off Rocker
Power Charge Port: Single Size M Charger Port
PS1 Controller D-pad
3rd Party Super Pad Controller Board & Buttons
Custom 3 Part Vacuum Formed Casing

Visit Downing’s Blog and check other projects like this one.


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