My feelings about SEGA.


I am not a collector of Retro games, I am all about getting all those SEGA games and consoles I had back when I was growing up (such Sega Genesis  & Sega Dreamcast) and all those games I wanted but could not afford to buy, because like most of you I was dead broke when I was growing up.

Sincerely I don’t give two fucks about SEGA nowadays, they are making games that don’t have much of a click for me, The Aliens series, Company of Heroes  and Sonic Colors maybe some exceptions to that, but in general I don’t seem to be exited anymore whenever they announce any new game.


Hatsune Miku: Hairy Space Balls F… what’s wrong with you SEGA?

I am really into their hardware, back when they were the best at it (at least for me) I like their consoles, handhelds and weird ass peripherals for their consoles.


No thanks.

Right now I have been waiting for SEGA to reboot some of their old IP’s such as Streets of Rage,  Ecco The Dolphin, Ristar, House of the Dead, Shining Foce, a new Phantasy Star sequel, Comix Zone or a Gunstar Heroes game! they have lots and lots of IP’s to reboot but they are not giving a fuck about them.



At least they were not assholes and gave Yu Suzuki permission to make Shenmue III and fill the all the blanks left unanswered for so long.

I guess I am asking too much since the merger with Sammy they are focusing more and more on Mobile games and Pachinko machines…. really? … you were the shit! … that’s why you don’t see much new stuff on my twitter feed nor my blog, as I think that SEGA is nothing like the SEGA I grew up with for me SEGA is a shell of what they used to be, SegaSammy Holdings to be precise and that sucks.


You keep waiting Sketch, Comix Zone is not being rebooted any time soon.



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