Sega Neptune Replica


What up freaks!? I found out that a guy made a killer Sega Neptune (a two in one Genesis and 32x sonsole which Sega planned to release in 1995, it was delayed into 1996 and ultimately cancelled) replica from a Sega Genesis/ Megadrive model 2, the process it self took little over two bits as he explains on the video below.

Anyway the result is amazing and check out this bloke’s blog for more information on this project.


Sonic The Hedgehog Speeds Through 25 Years

If you were on the cusp of your teenage years in 1991, chances are you were listening to grunge, playing Sonic the Hedgehog with school buddies on the SEGA Genesis, or maybe doing both at the same time! Millions of us raced the 16-bit hedgehog at supersonic speeds through six zones – plus special stages – giving Dr. Robotnik (before he was known as Eggman) a run for his money. Continue reading

Tha SEGA Freak Podcast is coming.

After several months on the making, planning and wondering where the heck to host it, we are pleased to announce that is getting near the air date of our first episode ThaSEGAFreak The Podcast.

Tentatively we are aiming to release it by the end of January and based on the poll we ran on Twitter it looks like it will be in English :), with some episodes in Spanish and portuguese probably.

Still on the works, so stay tuned.